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Downtown Staunton is an awesome place, and a supportive place — and that’s no lie!

This past week we had the privilege of participating in the Staunton Downtown Development Association‘s Restaurant Week 2015, including a special menu, wine pairings, and general foodie happiness for us and our diners. We thank all of you who came out for supporting my restaurant, and the restaurants of my colleagues in Staunton, all of whom love the local vibe they give, and the local love we receive.

It was such fun to see Staunton hopping so much last week, that an extended thank you goes to our visitors, drawn here by the arts and history, food and family, for that small town hominess but with our own particular flair that gives our town a more cultural feel.

This extended into Saturday with the much-anticipated and very happening Shenandoah Valley Blues & Brews Festival held down in the Wharf, at the Sunspots Pavillion. With that event we had downtown packed all day, from the opening of the Farmers Market in the early morning, to the last blues lick played on Saturday night.

I know my downtown merchant colleagues as well as Staunton residents share this love for Staunton that we all hope will help the city thrive not only during special weeks, but all the weeks of the year.

So I hope I’ll see you at AVA this week for the unofficial restaurant week after party — where we celebrate being us, in our quirky small town way, all the time.

I’ll raise a glass to that!

— Mary Beth Harris, Proprietress, AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar

Mary Beth Harris About Mary Beth Harris

Mary Beth Harris is the proprietress of AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar. She's been in the restaurant business for 12 years and is the former owner of The Darjeeling Cafe.