Food truck face-off

Food Truck Battle Crowd

Photo: Kim Wissman Metje.

AVA had the privilege and pleasure this past weekend of being one of the sponsors for the Food Truck Battle that happened this past Sunday at the Frontier Culture Museum.

And what an event it was!

My understanding was that they were expecting about 1,000 people but got around 2,500 instead! That’s a lot of people to feed!

Surely that was great news for the Madee Project, the non-profit pediatric cancer support organization that the event benefitted. And it was great news for all those fabulous food trucks who got so much exposure from such a big audience.

Taste of the town

Ox Eye wine winners

Ox Eye wine winners. Photo: Kim Wisman Metje.

As a sponsor I had the added joy of being a Battle judge. The judges all received tokens which we used to vote for our favorite trucks, beers, and wine. It was so much fun!

Now, I won’t say which food truck, wine, or beer that I voted for (judges like to keep these things secret).

But in order to share the fun of being there, I wanted to tell you about at least one food truck that I ate at so I pulled one of the names randomly from a hat and tell you about that. And that was…My Takito. I had the most amazing tacos there and can heartily recommend jumping on that food truck bandwagon if you get the chance! We had a pastor (pork) and a baracho (beef barbecue) taco. They were really tasty with really fresh ingredients and mild heat.

There was a really good, fun cover band playing (among the other bands) and the crowd was “eating it up!”

Local friends Ox Eye Vineyards took home the white and red cups for wine so kudos to them!

Foodie town

I hope that the Food Truck Battle becomes a regular event and adds another feather in the cap of Staunton as a real Virginia foodie town!

Congratulations to the Madee Project for a successful and I hope profitable event for the charity.

— Mary Beth Harris, Proprietress, AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar

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Mary Beth Harris is the proprietress of AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar. She's been in the restaurant business for 12 years and is the former owner of The Darjeeling Cafe.