AVA Closed from December 20-29, 2015

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Just a quick note to let you know the dates that we’ll be closed during the holiday season.

I try to look for times to close up the restaurant, and give myself and my staff a break, when it will be the least disruptive to my wining and dining guests. Given that Christmas straddles a weekend this year, I figured that taking advantage of that by taking off a couple of days before and after that would be the easiest on all of us.

So our last day before Christmas is Saturday, December 19th, when we’ll celebrate with a bang with our Michael David Freakshow Wine Dinner and Vaudeville Performance.

We’re usually closed Sunday-Tuesdays anyway, so we’re just staying closed after that, on Wednesday the 23rd, and enjoying time off for Christmas Eve, all the way through the Christmas weekend, including what the Brits call “Boxing Day.”  And then, again, we usually are closed Sunday-Tuesdays, and that will stay the same.

Open again December 30th!

We’ll open back up on Wednesday the 30th, are hosting a delightfully old-school Black and White New Year’s Eve Ball on the 31st to ring in the New Year, and we will be open for New Year’s Day, and the second, too.

We hope that you will all enjoy your holidays, that you’re taking time off, too, and that the spirit of the season will bless you with good times, great friends, loving family time, and some time for solace as well!

Merry Christmas and see you for the Black and White Ball and in the new year, too!

— Mary Beth Harris, Proprietress, AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar