My fantastic staff

AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar

Remembering to give praise where praise is due is an important value to me both personally and with my restaurant. So please, let me brag on my AMAZING staff!

NOTE: Closed dates for special events


We love to cater as much as we love running the restaurant. Sometimes the two come together and that means being closed for a private party. Here are those dates.

The day the music died


Why we’re no longer hosting live music. And how the music industry is helping kill Main Street across the nation.

Best of Virginia voting time

Best of Virginia

Most of the time I’m writing to tell you about something new or interesting happening at the restaurant — or a fun story about my life with food. But today I’m writing to ask you if you would do something for me. Are you up for it? It’s pretty easy, actually. Our Best of Virginia […]

Wednesdays are free soup nights!

Free Soup Night

With the winter upon us it occurred to me that my very popular Wednesday Free Soup Night was overdue for a revival. So, beginning this Wednesday night, Free Soup Night is back! We hope that this small act of giving back to the community will help answer at least some of the unmet need in our […]

Scoutology ranks us in Staunton’s top 6!


Far be it for me to disagree with a place called “Scoutology” on anything. They sound like a cross between Lewis and Clark and a world scientific conference — that’s a lot of gravitas! And on that basis I trust that they know what they’re saying when ranking Staunton’s eateries on the basis of food […]

Spring is here at AVA!

Helllo Spring

We are looking forward to seeing you as much as we are looking forward to no snow for 6-9 months! We have added some delicious new menu options this season. For appetizers, we are featuring Bahn Mi fish tacos: a light starter comprised of spicy tilapia paired with fresh and pickled veggies in a tortilla […]

Valentine’s Day at AVA

valentine's train

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we have the some wonderful events planned for you and yours. I have never been the type to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Having worked in the service industry for most of my adult life meant that even if I did have someone to celebrate it with, I was usually working. […]

Fellowship of Warmth: A Coat and Winter Accessories Drive


We here at AVA are very fortunate. We might not always be rolling dough (see what I did there…), but we certainly are not hungry or cold. An article a few months ago about the amount of food that the our local food bank, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, made us realize that local hunger […]

Evolution of a restaurant


Once upon a time we were The Darjeeling Cafe, featuring an array of custom blended teas from the exotic and unusual to the nourishing and comforting. Our restaurant vibe reflected a combination of the slow and relaxing ritual of afternoon tea drinking to the artistic and creative happenings innate to to the bohemian feel of […]