Thankful for my home

Mary Beth Harris

A home should be a safe haven, a place of joy, comfort, and ease. When mine wasn’t, I set about to make that right and now I can rightly celebrate such a home!

Foodie Road Trip: Cleveland Rocks!


I recently got out of Dodge — in a Dodge! — and hit the Midwest (Cleveland to be exact), with a fury. Food, museums, sports, food, food, food — I did it all!

Food truck face-off

Food Truck Battle Crowd

The recent Food Truck Battle at the Frontier Culture Museum brought out throngs of supporters to benefit the Madee Project. I was a food judge and had a blast!

Creative, no-tree nut school lunches

School Lunches

Has your kid’s school banned tree nuts in school lunches? Here are ideas to help you keep it fresh and nutritious for your child each day and easy on you!

Thank you for supporting downtown Staunton

Thank you cards letterpress

Last week’s restaurant week was a huge success but the bigger success goes to our community year-round, with its many reasons to enjoy — and support — downtown Staunton!

Summer lovin’

Curren Group Blog Graphic

This is a great time of year to experiment, do menu planning for caterings and in the restaurant, and to feel so excited about the possibilities in food.

My fantastic staff

AVA Restaurant and Wine Bar

Remembering to give praise where praise is due is an important value to me both personally and with my restaurant. So please, let me brag on my AMAZING staff!

An experiment in budget eating


Culinary delights don’t have to break the bank. And simple eating doesn’t have to mean low quality. Check out my take on stretching dollars and cooking creatively!

New year’s goals

New Year's Card

Hey, who am I to argue with the artificial “re-set” that the calendar affords us each year? I’m going to go with it and set some intentions for a fabulous 2015. Here are my goals: Goals Food is my passion, my livelihood, and my commitment. So I’m darn sure going to make it fun, too. […]

Holiday wishes and holiday hours

Merry Christmas postcard

Owning one’s own business is great. You’re the boss, the decision-maker, you get to choose the look and feel, and at the end of the day, it’s all yours! But being “all yours” also means the downside, which is almost always needing to be there to run the place. Small business owners take this in […]