Beating the heat with cool treats


Here’s a top five list of cool summer salads that are hopping with flavor, texture, color, and are just right for a light but satisfying meal or side.

Last Tuesday dinner (new hours blog)

AVA Restaurant hours

We’re changing our hours to better meet your needs and ours!

Valentine’s Day prix fixe dinner (three nights)

Vintage Valentine

In addition to our regular menu, we’ve got 2 prix fixe Valentine’s Day dinners — 3 or 5 courses — ready to delight you and your love! Call for reservations.

Pumpkin pairing dinner

Pumpkin Pairing Menu

As I confessed last week, when it comes to pumpkins, I’m no Martha Stewart. Heck, I’m not even as gifted at carving them as your average 3rd grader. Knife in hand, I’m all thumbs. But in spite of that ineptitude, when it comes to cooking with pumpkin (and many other fall veggies), I humbly proclaim […]

New fall menu

Fall Menu 20143

We’ve been rolling it out and testing it on lucky tasters for weeks but now it’s official — it’s time to unleash our Fall Menu 2014. If you’ve been waiting for a good time to come in to AVA for dinner, now’s the perfect moment. You can savor delicious new fall flavors and dishes while […]

Changing seasons

Hearty Beans

It’s less than a month until the calendar will officially says it’s fall. But even now some cooler nights are creeping in and the days usually don’t seem so hot (though I hear this weekend is going to be humid!) Even so, with lingering heat and nighttime fireflies flitting still, my thoughts are turning to […]

Summer veggie recipes

Provencal Tomato Quiche

Right now, at the height of the summer, when harvests are bountiful and you can’t eat the tomatoes and zucchini fast enough, there’s nothing better than compiling a list of recipes that will use those things — and more — and then making them and feasting! I am a rabid, I mean rabid, recipe collector. […]

Savor Staunton. Eat. Drink. Repeat.

Savor Staunton

Tonight it begins — Restaurant Week in Staunton. Here we call it Savor Staunton, an indication of just what a foodie town this is. So from tonight through August 10, in conjunction with the Staunton Downtown Development Association, Staunton will be showcasing all of the many ways that you can partake in the wealth of […]

An anniversary dinner for me and my love

Anniversary card

Summer is sweet when it comes, and not only for the flowers and gorgeous weather — but because June 26th is my wedding anniversary! Jack and I have been married for four joyful years. But they’ve also been four hard-working years. He regularly laments how much time running a restaurant takes from our personal lives. […]

A scallop tale

Scallop engraving

When I was a girl, my mom surprised us by making us scallops for dinner one night. Being from the rolling hills of landlocked Rockbridge County, Virginia, and growing up on a cattle farm, we didn’t often have seafood. And it definitely wasn’t one of my favorite things. But, we were a clean plate family — […]