Trinchero Wine Dinner March 27th

Trencher Wine Dinner at AVA

Join us Friday, March 27th at 6pm for a Trinchero Napa Vineyards wine tasting or tasting with dinner that will teach you how to blend your own Bordeaux!

Democracy Vineyards wine dinner March 13th

Wine dinner

Join us for a 4-course Virginia wine dinner (Democracy Vineyards) on March 13th with meat, vegetarian, or vegan options for all courses except dessert.

Best of Virginia voting time

Best of Virginia

Most of the time I’m writing to tell you about something new or interesting happening at the restaurant — or a fun story about my life with food. But today I’m writing to ask you if you would do something for me. Are you up for it? It’s pretty easy, actually. Our Best of Virginia […]

New year’s goals

New Year's Card

Hey, who am I to argue with the artificial “re-set” that the calendar affords us each year? I’m going to go with it and set some intentions for a fabulous 2015. Here are my goals: Goals Food is my passion, my livelihood, and my commitment. So I’m darn sure going to make it fun, too. […]

Holiday wine expo

AVA Holiday Wine Expo

We’re at it again this weekend with another wine expo, this one holiday-themed to go with all your festive parties, whether as the host or hostess or as something remarkable to carry to a party you’re attending. This Saturday, December 20, 2014, from 2-5 p.m., join us for a very special edition of our newly minted […]

November wine expo & wine to go

AVA Wine Expo

Our love of wine only grows! That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about an upcoming event this weekend — November 22, 2014 from 2-5 — and events like it coming up each quarter. We’re hosting an on-site Wine Expo that’s designed to give you a taste of some of our top-of-the-line wines from all […]

Three ways to get warm and cozy at AVA

Tea and Reading

The weather has been up and down but the general trend is heading toward the colder. And even when it’s not so cold there’s maybe nothing worse than it being 80º one day and 42º the next. When that happens there’s nothing you want more than warming up fast cause it seems so much colder by comparison. […]

Democracy Vineyards wine dinner

Join Us

This Friday, October 10, 2014, we get to do one of the things we love best, and do best: Host a vineyard for a special dinner with wine pairings. This time is Democracy Vineyards from Lovingston, Virginia in Nelson County. Democracy is themed on politics and its many manifestations — non partisan, of course! With […]

Catering to you

We cater

We’ve been catering since our Darjeeling Cafe days, specializing in unique events that help you express you!

Scoutology ranks us in Staunton’s top 6!


Far be it for me to disagree with a place called “Scoutology” on anything. They sound like a cross between Lewis and Clark and a world scientific conference — that’s a lot of gravitas! And on that basis I trust that they know what they’re saying when ranking Staunton’s eateries on the basis of food […]